Friday, June 15, 2018


Smokey sweet melodies have become a staple characteristic of singer-songwriter Michael Nau.  On the "Funny in Real Life," the second single from his upcoming full-length, Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread, a resonant piano drives the melody as a languid backbeat enters lazily.  Nau's voice is husky and subtle and feels right at home amidst guitar swells and delay.  Lyrically, the track captures what Nau does best, craft a beautiful introspection into the simple life.

RIYL: Ryley Walker, Cass McCombs, Kevin Morby, Steve Gunn, Lee Hazelwood

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


East of the Willamette National Forest in central Oregon lies the picturesque little town of Bend.  It's here where indie singer-songwriter Ryan Pickard began his musical project, Palo SopraƱo.  On the heels of releasing his exquisite sophomore LP, Mood Ringlead track "I Can't Stop the World From Spinning" immediately introduces us to Pickard's easy going vibe.  With a hazy delivery and a wealth of soulful guitar licks, Pickard arranges lush melodies that feel familiar yet brand new at the same time.  He belts out his plea with surprising vigor for such a chilled out dude.  Pickard beautifully succeeds in creating a slacker jam that doesn't feel too nonchalant in its message.  So sit back, relax and don't stop this record from spinning.

RIYL: Mac Demarco, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Nick Hakim

Friday, June 8, 2018


Michael Rault's 2018 sophomore LP, It's A New Day Tonightwas a long time coming.  As a prospering songwriter, Rault showed his potential with the 2015 debut, Living Daylight, but knew there was more to offer.  Dealing with dissatisfaction can be common but fortunately, the Candian songwriters' persistence paid off.  The result is a record full of retro-pop gems that feel like an ode to the likes of Harry Nilsson, The Beatles, and The Kinks.

When I first heard the infectious opening riff to "I'll Be There" it was the last day of SXSW 2018. Despite feeling weary from trucking up and down 6th Street and Red River night after night in downtown Austin, I decided to stumble over the Barracuda and catch the set.

Rault took the stage looking like he walked straight out a green room from 1975 with his hip-hugger jeans and tailored 'stache.  As the band kicked off the electrifyingly twangy lick, my eyes lit up.  Every tune in the repertoire seemed to harken back to the days when Abby Road was at the top of the charts, I  immediately tracked down this single and have had it on repeat ever since.  

Rault's sophomore LP, It's A New Day Tonight, has been highly anticipated and this tune does not disappoint.  The highlights including an extremely tight rhythm section that knows just when to pull it back to a groovy half-time beat, and the blistering guitars that run back and forth with ease.  The track makes for a perfect driving song and the accompanying video surely acknowledges that fact.

Michael Rault's It's A New Day Tonight is out now on Wick Records.

RIYL: The Beatles, Sam Evian, Faith Healer, The Kinks, Harry Nilsson