Saturday, June 23, 2018


"Gucci" is the only way to describe the new track from Dutch weirdo-pop trio The Homesick.  Fulfilling the sum of its parts, the band put all three members to work on this frenetic masterpiece.

From the onset, we've launched into the stratosphere with a rhythmic, chorus-drenched guitar riff that bounces up and down with ease.  Drums and bass ground us with assurance signifying that while this ride seems like a dreamy one, you better hold on tight because things are going to get bumpy.  Alternating vocal lines echo back and forth with an air of urgency that find their way to a final growl at the end of each phrase.

The final movement in "Gucci Gucci" strips down to the rhythm section that starts mechanically building with tempo changes and furious precision.  A swell of guitars succeeds in melting minds with a dizzying line that sets up a beautifully crafted polyrhythm to race us to the finish line.

RIYL: Preoccupations, Omni, Palm

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