Wednesday, June 27, 2018


At first glance, one might write this band off as "dull" or "sleepy" -- But what makes The Saxophones' "Aloha" truly exceptional is despite it being a flickering whisper of a song, upon first listen, I had the urge to turn the volume as loud as I could.

Playing out like the opening theme to Twin Peaks, the muted bass thuds felt like the tick-tock hands of the clock counting out the seconds of a lazy afternoon.  The vocal melody creeps along with a heavenly depth yet noticeably listless.  A saxophone is used to wash over the chorus like a cool breeze.  Quiet and introspective, The Saxophones satisfy the soul with simplicity and tenderness.

You think I'd feel, by now
Like someone else somehow
I'm on my hero's journey
Don't laugh, it's not funny

"Aloha" is highly recommended for meditative therapy after a chaotic period in one's life.  For an even deeper dive, take a peep at their debut full-length, Songs of the Saxophones.

RIYL: Sharon Van Etten, Aldous Harding, Bedouine, Big Thief, Hovvdy

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