Tuesday, June 26, 2018


The Skygreen Leopards are the quintessential musical form of onomatopoeia.  Based in California, they've created a sound that is the perfect embodiment of their surroundings.  This is most true of "I Fell Asleep in the Sunbleached Grass" a cut off their new archival album, The Jingling World of the Skygreen Leopards.  The track is a perfect description of itself: shadowy, lackadaisical and atmospheric.  The Leopards don't care if you catch a single word of the spaced-out lyrics, they just want to engulf you in the haze of the early morning sun beaming across your face.  

Several moments feel like they might fall apart and burst into flames, but the bands' charm stems from the fact that the Leopards themselves are going for this lack of structure.  It's their mission statement and they pursue an air of effortlessness constantly.  

In the final bars, things take a turn from dreamy acoustic flower child to dark and dissonant.  Reverby guitar melodies wooze into feedback.  The dream is over and as if snapped back to reality,  the track comes to a grinding halt.

RIYL: Little Wings, Vetiver, Karl Blau, MV & EE, Woods

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