Tuesday, July 3, 2018


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MAH KEE OH's new single, "Uppercut," is two-minutes and twenty-seconds of pure meditative droney goodness.  This is the type of washed-out, fuzzy guitar that quietly and contemplatively melts minds without coming off as too headstrong or "in-your-face."  

Serving as a refreshing antithesis to the 'verse-chorus-verse' format, the track ambles along at its own pace, building to a satisfyingly crunchy solo full of feedback and overdrive.  The wavy, simplistic vocals follow suit:

I can't wake up my mind
I can't decide what's right

Maybe I'm just feeling introspective at the moment but "Uppercut" feels like a brooding masterpiece.  It simmers and bubbles up with counter guitar melodies and small frills and hooks that lead you down the rabbit hole.  Frankly, I'm impressed that the song can venture on such a journey in such a short amount of time without feeling hurried or half-baked.  

If you're liking what you hear on "Uppercut," check out MAH KEE OH's four-song EP, Shoplifting Can Get You Killed.  Out Now.

RIYL: Suuns, Ulrika Spacek, Holy Wave, Froth

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